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FS: Buick Master/Chassis Body Parts Books, 1930-1955

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For Sale:  This Buick Master Body Parts Book is inclusive of all models from 1930 to 1955 and is 287 pages.  It is full of schematics and information including part numbers and their application.  It is one of the most useful items I have had for over thirty years in collecting and restoring Buicks.  See attached picture.

     Also, see the picture of the Buick Master Chassis Parts Book which also covers all models from 1930 to 1955 and is 345 pages.  The listing of information is the same as found in the Body Parts book and is again one of the most useful items I have had. 

     The cost for each is $50.00 plus shipping.   I can deliver to the BCA National in Springfield.  Contact me at brooker50158@outlook.com or call 641-485-6413.  Patrick W. Brooks, BCA # 3939. Thanks. 



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Good Morning Lamar:  Thanks for the inquiry.

       The red book is the Chassis Master Parts Book and the cover says it includes all Models from 1930 through 1955 Inclusive and states that the effective date is Nov. 1, 1955.  The yellow book is the Master Body Parts Book and also covers all Models 1930 through 1955 and states that the effective date is Dec. 1, 1955.   I have had these books at least 20 years and used them hundreds of times if not several thousand.   The schematics make assembly so much easier and the parts numbers make purchase of parts a much greater certainty.  Also, if you acquire a part and do not know the application these books enable identity and hence resale with certainty.   I would not sell them if I did not have another set.  To me they were worth a great deal and I would  take them with to swap meets.  Each includes the Supersedence List at the end of the volume.  This is the list of part number changes so that you can identify a part with either the original part number or the newly assigned part number by Buick.  For example, I have bought parts and looking in the Grp. #/part number list could not find the part number listed although it was in an original Buick box and the part number on the box and it was definitely Buick.   My next step was to go to the Supersedence List and I could find the original number and the number assigned later as a replacement number.   The part was the same and exactly why a new number was assigned I cannot say, but it happened     Let me know your interest.  Thanks again, Patrick W. Brooks  

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Thanks Pat, I have these that are thru '56 which comes in handy when checking for interchange. My interest in yours is that I have a friend with a 54 and while he would not necessarily need ones through 56, I just wanted to make sure these were effective late 55 and not early 55 or late 54. I will email you.

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