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Hudson speedster

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Guest Hudson33

Not an expert but Hudson did not make a speedster. They had a roadster in '10 and '11 which were 100 " wb. and sold very well with 20 HP

The roadster and speed roadster came out in '11 and '12 with 33 HP and 114 wb.

Hudson was working on building the '37 HP and 6 cyl. 54 so production figures were 5708 for Model 33.

The design of the Model 33 is very good example of what a speedster or roadster should look like and was copied by Mercer and Stutz.

Some thing the use of doors dictates definition of speedster or roadster. Also the speedster definition came from the cars that were built out of what ever parts were available, ie a bigger motor or made up body to replace the touring or coupe body.

Interesting history and time for sure

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The 1912 Speed Roadster is the Mile-A-Minute. There are a couple 1911 cars that are made up and at least one well known 1912 that the owner claimed was a 1911 but the motor is 1912, the rear axle pinion is offset (1912) and the instrument panel has 1912 features.

Over the last thirty years I have assembled a data base of 1911-1912 model 33 Hudsons. Motor number, Serial/Car number, Selden number, front axle number, etc. If you have one of these cars then I would like to add/verify your car information. If you lost or are are missing your data plate I can help. Jerry Turner can make new data plates. One question I have concerns the motor number prefix. I have A (early) and N (late) prefixes for 1911, T (early) and KK (late) for 1912. Maybe someone can shed light on these prefixes.

I am in need of a Weston-Mott front axle for 1911-12 and a Weston-Mott rear axle assy for 1911-12. Kindly PM me if you can help or if you need help on you car data information.



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