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Posting problems with new software

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I tried to attach a photo on my computer to a reply to a post, but it only showed me an option to link to an image on a URL.  I finally figured out that I needed to click the Additional Options button and then Attach a photo.  We used to be able to upload an image either from a URL or directly from the computer.  Is this change intentional?  I note that any pictures I had previously uploaded are now in the My Media/Attachments location, not in an image gallery.


When I tried to Preview my reply, I got a "This page cannot be displayed" message.  Of course, when I hit the Back arrow, the reply I had spent some time composing was gone.  Frustrating!

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You simply need to select the "More Reply Options" instead of simply the "Post" button to start your post. Then scroll down and find the "Choose File" button on the left side of the bottom of the window. Select your photo, click the "attach this file" button, type your reply and then hit the "Add Reply" button on the bottom of the page. It is easier than it was in the old software for me.


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Would it then be attached at the bottom, and not within the text, where you can comment on each photo as a narrative.

post-134757-0-89757200-1431914563_thumb. - or is it?  Let me try adding another one below this.

post-134757-0-46858900-1431914631_thumb. - test what this looks like...

Does it also capture returns / paragraph breaks?  Ok, looks like I've got it now...  Thanks!

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