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Alright.... broken brown wire. Replaced, sitting idle now 13.01. Everything on 13.9 to 14.21 good for now- thanks everyone! 

This summer I am going to go over all these old dry cracked wires- 

Went to gas station 3 times, 5 gallon at a time, its got a full tank- 


Checked all fluids, heats on thawing out. Let it run for 40 minutes. One day I will have a garage lol. 

thanks again everyone- 




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I do not know what kind of charging system there in in the 1966 Pontiac but the one thing I detest most is a flat battery and no start. With a flat battery charged by generator , push the car and let the clutch out. With an alternator, no dice. It needs a little bit of juice to excite the field.

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