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YouTube video test

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Someone asked a question about how to post YouTube videos to the new IP.Board forum and as can be seen in my intial post, it is easily done (but I wanted to check to be certain that was the case here!).

Without getting too technical, IP.Board using a "media tag" to parse the YouTube URL so it can auto-display in a post, rather than appear as a link that has to be clicked to get the video.

The "gotcha" is that YouTube has multiple URL formats that will point to the same video and you have to post the URL format that matches the IP.Board media tag. If IP.Board doesn't recognize the format of the YouTube URL you post, it will not play.

If you paste a bare YouTube URL into a post and after hitting send, it appears as a link rather than the video itself, you'll need to go to YouTube and use that URL to start the video playing at YouTube. Let it play for a few seconds, say ten or fifteen. Then copy and paste the title of the YouTube video into the YouTube serach field and search for the video you were just watching. You should see the video you were watching come up in the search results with a "watched" label.

Click on that video and once it starts, copy the URL and paste that one in your post, replacing the first URL that displayed as a link. Just paste the URL; nothing else needed.

Yeah, it sounds a little kludgy, but by locating the YouTube video via YouTube's search, you will almost always get the proper URL for IP.Board to auto-display the video in your post.

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The default IP.Board install includes media tags for other video formats, such as Vimeo and Facebook video, but I'll leave it to Peter to comment on the additional ones, as he may add to or subtract from the default media tag list.

In all almost cases (with the YouTube exception detailed above), if a video IP.Board will recognise is playing on your computer screen, you can insert into a post here by copying the URL and pasting into the text block.

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Guest shadetree77

Thank you for covering this issue. I believe it was my post that asked about this. I was trying to use the embed code copied from Youtube as that is what did the trick before. Now, as you said above, all I need to do is go directly to the video on Youtube, copy the URL, and paste it in my post. The forum does the rest. Thanks again! :)

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What kind of files can we upload directly into a post?  I see the Attach Files button but haven't tried any tests yet.  Since a max file size of 64 MB is indicated, can we upload a short video clip (mp4, etc)? Or even an audio wav file?


Peter will have to reply with the definitive answer to this, as the types of files that can be attached is configurable.

However, almost certainly image files formats of .JPG and .PNG will be "attachable" and will display. .PDF files should also work, but will show as links. Beyond that, it's up to Peter.

I spoke to Peter yesterday and advised him to consider lowering that 64 MB attachment limit, as attaching at level will in my experience result in a post that take a very, very long time to fully load. His call, of course.

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