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Here we have a set of (4) 15"x6 " Buick Steel Wheels.  Please note these wheels can be installed on most full sized Buicks that do not have disc brakes.  These wheels have the oversized center opening so they will go over the Buicks with Dynaflow Transmissions.  They can be used on a 1963 Riviera with the Turbine Wheel Covers.  I am asking $200 for the set of 4.  Shipping at the buyers expense.   I can box these into two boxes to save on the shipping charges.  Paul 559 355-3551 65skyriv19@att.net









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Hi Al, Thanks for your input, but my posting must have a mistake because the 1953 Roadmaster with the Bolt on Wire hub caps (that fit properly) came together with a set of wide whitewall tires that have been removed and sold.  Please review the original post where I posted the bolt on wire caps that were on these wheels ... which by the way are for sale as well ... either

the wire caps or the wheels independently or together, I just did not want to obligate anyone to purchase wheels if  they only needed the wire caps or the wire caps if they needed only

the wheels.  Thanks again, Paul

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I'm still not agreeing with your "1953 Roadmaster" descriptive for the following reasons. Correct me if I'm wrong. 


-  Your pictures obviously show that you have two different pairs of wheels, not a matched set of four…..possibly two different years or manufacturers. Which ones are you saying are correct for an OEM 1953 Roadmaster?


-  Positive offsets appear to be different between the two pairs. It’s hard to tell from just a picture and without a measurement. There are also other noticeable differences.  


-  There were two different wire wheel cover-depths and two different hubcap designs as an extra-charge option on all 1953 Buicks, except for the Model 76X, depending on the Model Series: the narrower wire wheel cover for the narrower 40-Series wheel and the wider wheel cover for the wider 50-70 series wheel. Part numbers, wheel widths, and application details are on Pages 89-90 of the BPSB booklet.    


-  The two different hubcaps (emblem and V-style) were interchangeable with the two wire wheel covers.


-  The wider wheel cover will not fit the narrower OEM 1953 Buick wheel correctly. You will wind up with a noticeable gap between the backside of the wheel cover and the outboard flange of the wheel. You might want to lay your wire wheel cover on the wheel to double check what I’m saying. If you don’t notice a gap, then I would say the offset is not what it should be on a 1953 OEM Roadmaster wheel or the hubcaps have been switched out.


-  Wheels should be stamped somewhere in the wheel’s inner dropped-center near the valve stem hole identifying the manufacturer, K-H vs. Motor Wheel, the size, and maybe a model number. What do you see?


-  This topic has been previously discussed on this Forum.


Thanks for the pics.



Al Malachowski

BCA #8965

"500 Miles West of Flint"

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Hi Mack & Earl and anyone with interest on this post.

I took a couple of pictures of the caps setting on the wheels and NO THERE IS NO SPACE BETWEEN THE CAP AND THE WHEEL see pictures. As far as a price for the Wheels they are $200 The Bolt on Wire Hub Caps are $400 as a package save $100 complete $500

plus shipping.



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    I have a 1953 Buick Special 41-D 4 dr sedan that I need a spair set of wheels that can be cleaned, prepped/ painted to make sure th new 760-15 Wide white walls will fit on once it has been painted. Are these rims still available? If so, please let me know how much you would like to have for them. Then we can figure out where you are in relation to me and figure out the shipping.


I look forward to hearing back from you.





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The wheels zip code are still available the price is $400 for the set of 4..

wheels will be boxed and strapped together to give you a low shipping price via greyhound express. guess two wheels strapped together that the the package would be 18x18x14 and weigh about 45 pounds each pair.

zip code 93711 Fresno CA and yes 760x15 will fit fine on them.

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