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1913 Ford barn find

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Okay, so the barn was in fact a pole barn, and I have known the car for several years, I did find it parked in a barn the day I picked it up. The car is a mostly original 1913 Ford Model T. It was found by my friends Mark and Phil Eyre in the Detroit area. It was an in-town car from new and came equipped with a nifty Presto-Lite gas lamp system. It has original style side lamp brackets, piano-hinge style windshield and a radiator with a data tag number that matches the numbers on the dashboard. While the engine has been replaced with a 1919 engine, I have an original 1913 engine to install. It will probably be restored some day but for now sure looks neat as is. If I can get the photo to upload I will allow you to feast your eyes.


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I drove it home! And I took it to the Model T driving school at the Gilmore Car Museum, about 20 miles from my house. It ran and drove great. So far I have driven the car about 65 miles (since I got it Thursday) and it is a real honey. The more I drive it the better it goes down the road.  51 Pontiac has my intentions exactly right-drive and enjoy as is for a while.

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