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Continental Twin Six V12 1915

Bud Tierney

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Does anyone here have the Continental Engines book, and, if so, does it say anything about the Twin Six V12 apparently intended to be offered to the trade in 1915-16???

Both the Davis car and the Pathfinder published ads promising the Cont'l V12 would be available in their cars for the 1916 model year; Std Cat states Davis promised a V12 but never "marketed one", while Pathfinder did market a V12 but used the Weidley...

Both ads and trade journal entries stated specs were to be nade available "later", but one account did say it would be a 3x4 OHV, commenting that was unusual for Cont'l with their L-heads...

I thought I'd seen a pic of it but when I went back all I could find was a small illus on the pathfinder ads..

My apologies for not putting this in the Cont'l engines forum; there's judt so much more exposure here for an obscure question...

Any comments/illumination appreciated!!

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