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Non Detergent Mineral Oil

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Guest 37Dictator

Ken ..I would use a detergent Motor Oil .vs a Non Detergent and not a Mineral Oil ...I know you have a prewar car and  the main advantage with detergent oil is that the detergents keep the oil from forming a gum type coating on the interior and ports in the engine. I have a 37 Studebaker that I restored and I changed from Non detergent to detergent and use a SAE 30 for summer driving ..that was 40 years ago and I have never had any problems.


I have never considered a multigrade and the engine does leave a few oils spots wherever I stop.

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I totally agree with using detergent motor oil in a vintage auto.   I've been using 20W-50 in my '59 Lark VI for years and it's been working fine.   The detergent oil keeps impurities in suspension until the oil is drained.   I can't think of any negatives to using detergent oil.


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The only real negative is that if the engine has never been run with detergent oil it can be full of sludge.  The detergent oil may dislodge this and cause problems.  That said if you don't see chunks of slime dripping out when you drain the oil you are probably OK.  I sure used to get some real boogers out of mine.  And when I dropped the pan I found this:


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