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Website down so I bought a Ford?

Paul from PA

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There was no Buick candy available the last few days and what's a fella to do? Well I strayed and bought a Ford. It was a one family owned car. I bought it from the original owners daughter. She said her dad bought it and took her and her mom and cousin on a trip to the national parks. I found park tickets in the glove box. It  has original paint anpost-117756-0-96205800-1431618795_thumb.d interior. It has a set of Montgomery Ward tires on it that will be replaced  It's not a Buick but figured it would bring back memories for some.

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1965 was a "quantum leap" year for Ford and Mercury. Some drivetrain items carried over, but not much else. First year for the "dual action station wagon tailgate", the super-lux LTD model (with what was called "panty cloth seat fabrics), full coil suspension, AND the Ford that was "Quieter than a Rolls Royce".

Finding a non-Country Squire with not much optional equipment is a true find. Most of those wagons were "used and discarded", typically. This makes a rarer model even moreso.



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Guest Doug Burton

Had a '68 LTD wagon with those same seats. I remember riding around with all the kiddos back there. Made conversation up front much easier.  :D

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