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Am "I" Dim?

ol swede

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I've been getting the headlights on the 36 Airstream C8 to put out a little more light. The reflectors are pretty descent but the R/S light had several splices in the wiring & the Hi/Lo may have been crossed?? The Hi beam indicator is not working yet-- I suppose my question is how to tell if both lights are on Hi or Lo. I'm still using the 2331 bulb, prefocus. I believe with some aiming these are going to be pretty descent for their age. Any help appreciated



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You should also check and adjust if necessary the headlight aiming. If you don't have information in your Chrysler owner's manual or other Chrysler documents, any Motor's Manual covering that era describes the method and specifications for most common headlamp systems. In my Motor's covering 1935-1949 it's on pages 94-95.

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