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Dynaflow transmission fluid

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I personally have no first hand or accurate second hand anecdotes regarding any good reasons to avoid synthetics. I wouldn't use them because they cost so much more and our transmissions were designed for less technologically advanced fluid than the worst Type A fluid you can find at a corner gas station.

Stand back and wait for the opinions...

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There was a fluid called "Dexron/Mercon" is "Mercon" the same or ok to use?

My local Napa had some many types of fluids but all the Dexron types were synthetic...

I  am going to look at other shops, just thought I would ask about the "straight Mercon"

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Type A was inferior when it was contemporary, but that is all we had...only use to top off if it is all that is available.

Type F was used in Ford products over 40 years ago, had different friction properties than other available fluids at the time and is also hard to find.  It was not recommended for GM transmissions, but I used it in a slobbering dynaflow when nothing else was available.

DexronIII/Mercon has served most well for a few years now and is obsolete since the newest cars have different specs.  Dexron and Mercon were spec'd by and for different auto brands and had similar properties, but now none of the  generic DexronIII/Mercon is exactly the same as the original specs.

The Mercon you are seeing is probably MerconV and like all the newest fluids is lower viscosity and may be too thin when hot to maintain adequate pump pressures in a dynaflow that may be getting weak.

On the other hand the dynaflow has all the same materials inside that the modern transmissions have so any fluid would be compatible.


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