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1930 Hudson Clutch

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Why would you want to? The cork clutch is smoother and stronger  than a dry plate clutch and if you need to reline it, uses bottle corks. Nice cheap bottle corks. Try buying a clutch plate for the same year Chevrolet at your local hardware store or for that matter, wine store.


You need to add some Hudsonite clutch fluid at each oil change and it will work fine. I don't know if Hudsonite is still available but they suggested 10W motor oil if it wasn't.


I had several English motorcycles with cork lined clutches and I used automatic transmission fluid. It is made for oil bath clutches. You might do the same for your car, but I would ask the Hudson club first. Someone must have tried it, and you can benefit from their experience.


You could start drinking wine now and saving the corks to reline your clutch. At least that is the excuse you could give the wife lol.

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How to reline a Hudson clutch. Take out the old corks and press new ones in with your thumb. Put in half from one side, the rest from the other side. This is so they can't come loose. Put in every second cork then turn the plate over and put the others in.


When you are done cut them to length with a sharp knife. You should have a clutch plate of a certain thickness as specified in your repair manual.


Hudson dealers used to have a jig that clamped in a vice, to make cutting the corks easier and more accurate. But there is no reason you can't do it by hand.


Old time Hudson fans have told me the clutch never slipped or gave trouble if properly lubricated, even in the very powerful and heavy Hudson Hornets with the 170HP Twin H Power engines.

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