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Please Help Fill Out My Early (PRE 1930) US Auto V8 List

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I'm looking for PRE-1930 orphan AUTO V8 engines and the cars that used them--no mainlines (FoMoCo, GM, Oakland and Viking)...regular production or hoped-for production engines (no special racing engines)...one-offs/one-ofs OK if prototypes/ experiments that were intended to be produced but never got off the ground...I have:

Abbott (Abbott-Detroit); Apperson

Bailey-Klapp, Briggs-Detroiter, Buffum

Cole, Cunningham

Daniels, Detroiter, Douglas, Drummond


Hewitt, Hollier, Homer Laughlin



Lafayette, Laughlin

Madison, Marion,Monarch, Monitor, Murray

Peerles, Pilot

Regal, Remington, RiChard, Rock Falls, Ross

Scripps-Booth, Sheridan, Standard


Wills St Clair


For stock engines I have Buda 3x51/8, Davis 3x4, two Ferro: 3x31/2, 31/4x4, Hershell-Spillman aka Spillman 31/4x5, various pre and post GM Northway and two Perkins (Massnick-Phipps) 23/4x41/2 and 31/8x41/2

Many thxx for any additions/suggestions!

OOPS--forgot the Able K-8 if used in anything besides Vernon...

OOPS--the Monitor was never produced with the V8; it became the Majestic, which did have the V8...

Also the Parenti had an air-cooled V8...

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Years ago I saw a list of cars published in 1923, telling where to find the serial numbers and how to identify the motors. I believe it was for garage men and parts stores.

Was surprised to count 22 V8 cars between 1915 and 1923. Cadillac was not the only 1915 model either. I think there were 5 or 6 that year.

I see you don't have Austin on your list. There was a short lived Austin V8. No relation to the English car.

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RO: Std Cats Austin--Grand rapids, 1903-20--doesn't list any 8; their last years were with the Weidely V12...nothing else in Std Cat seems to fit, not that it's infallible...any more info re' which Austin???

DAVE: Touche'!..I should've remembered these weren't always GMs and FoMoCo and listed them as mainlines, which I don't follow...

Ross was at the end of the R batch, and Parenti I'd added as an OOPS at the end...

As usual, sources don't agree: Std Cat V8s has:

Ross 1916 "A" with an unidentified 3x41/2=254.4

Ross 1916-17 "C" and 1918 "8" with the Her-Splmn 31/4x5=331.8...

Std Cat says first Ross 1915 had the Her-Splmn V8, that in Aug 1917 Co. announced 8 dropped in favor of a Cont'l 6, and in Nov 1917 announced 6 dropped, V8 reinstated, so engine history appears confused (Her-Splmn only had one size V8, to best of my knowledge)...

There was a Port Huron built 3x41/2 used in the Regal, per Std Cat V8s, but apparent confusion there, too, as Std Cat lists 1915 8 as 40HP, 1916 as 44HP, dropping to 29HP for 1917 "8", implying serious detuning or a smaller engine...messy!!

Many thxx to both for the interest, time and effort. Bud

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R32: appreciate the effort, but Standard was at the end of the S's in first list...

WK: Touche' again!! I just never seem to remember the Knight engined vehicles; some kind of psychological quirk on my part about sleeve valves...

ALSO: will add another myself, found by accident while looking up the Davis Mfg Co V8---BRISCOE, who in 1916 offered choice of Ferro 3x31/2 V8 or a four (verified by Std Cat) which also related that later in 1916 he offered a second smaller four, air cooled, supposedly designed in France but more likely acquired from a French m'f'r...

Quite the salesman, Briscoe offered buyers the chance to try the original four, and if dissatisfied to bring it back and they'd put in the V8 for the difference in price and some installation fee...Std Cat wasn't clear if that applied to the air cooled four or not...

Again. many thxx to all for interest and effort...

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Barry: Many thxx!!...somewhere in one of the old periodicals in one of the engine articles or squibs there'd been a reference to a "Comet" just as an aside: no date, no maker/owner, no location, and I'd never tried to run it down...

It appears this was being worked on in the same period as the Buffum, and each has its supporters as the first...

As remarkable as it was, I find very little online--a few mentions of it, nothing precisely on it...even the Hall-Scott site just mentions it...

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Yes BUT the Buffum was a SIDEVALVE not an overhead valve engine which is a significant difference. As much as many would like to think that all human knowledge is

instantly accessible on the web they are wrong. Add the fact that Goggle Inc. is in business to make money and filters and prioritizes info to that end.

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Graham: Oops: attachments say Lycoming straight 8---the kicker's always in the fine print--many thxx for effort.

Barry: My apologies: I completely missed your point. Thanks for clarifying.

A couple more've turned up; one possible, one certain--

Coyote  Special 1908-09 Redondo beach, Cal...while I have a note that motorera.com shows a V8, Std Cat just says "50 HP eight" and a couple others say straight 8, so neds more digging...

Mitchell "Eight" 1916 only; a 3 x 51/8, listed as "own". Desc, however, sems to match the Buda 3 x 51/8 (the only V8, so far, with that odd b/s)....

Couldn't post a direct reply despite logging in; had to punch "other ways to reply" (or whatever it said) to get reply box.

Otherwise new system looks really nice.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Picked up a couple more from old Std Cat notes:

APPLE 1915-16...nothing in classiccar database (CCD)or carfolio (CF); amer-auto'bls has mention, ad for Eight. Did find question in one of the trade journals from "owner of 1915 Apple with Perkins motor", prsumably the V8, but didn't say which Perkins V8...

ECLIPSE 1916 Std cat just off handedly mentions 7-pass models with either 40HP 4 or a V8; lists the Model 45 7-pass with 45HP 8; also notes company literature mentioned truck, motorcycle and boat m'f'g, but Mroz US Trucks has no mention. Nothing in CCD , CF above; A-A'bles has no mention.

Before doing lot of unnecessary Googling, does anyone have any old car books or references that mention eithor of these and/or any info as to their V8s???

Found a V8 production list in Motor World Wholesale, Vol 62-63, stating the number of 8 cyl cars as none in 1913-14, 8 in 1915, 41 in 1916, 47 in 1917, 36 in 1918, 34 in 1919 and 29 in 1920. That seems too high for makes; sounds like they counted all models available...I saw another such list, that I can't find in my remaining notes, that seemed lower...

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OZ: Yes, it looks like Daniels kept at it until they were satisfied; a pity they couldn't convince the public...

ALSO: picked up a couple more early V8 references:

GHENT V8, 1917, Ghent Motor Co, Chicago and Ottawa, IL, 1916-18.  I assume one of the proprietary V8s, but couldn't turn up anything ID'd which one...one squib said total production (4s,6s,8s) about 187 cars...

ROCHE V8 , Los angeles, 1924-25...per Std Cat Clifton Roche, a designer of engines and front wheel drive, has a  prototype car built which he apparently drove around trying to find angels/m'f'r's, with no luck...he'd patented his engine, a two-stroke, but I haven't run the patent down or Googled for more info...

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