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1947 Dodge dd4 60 restoration

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HI there,

we (group of mates) have just purchased a 1947 Dodge DD4 60 canadian build truck and are going about restoring it. It is about 90% complete however all in parts. We are having problems finding a manual and are all new to restoring, but have started by breaking it down back to the chassis. Any info or tips would be great.

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Response I've got from dodge@vintagepowerwagons.com

Shane, we do not have a manual for that truck but we do have the 1941-47 Dodge truck shop manual and it covers light and medium duty trucks which should cover you. That manual is $30 and if you can not find a Canadian manual this would be a good choice.



Name: Shane

City: Kyogle

State/Province: NSW

Country: Australia

Phone Number: +61431544830

Message: I have recently purchased a 1947 DD4 - 60 Canadian build and am looking for a workshop manual.____Regards____Shane

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Thanks BillP, I don't have yahoo groups, and have too many social network accounts already. I did get a response from another group I found online, although they have US workshop manual, not Canadian.

See reply below.

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