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Oil Pressure Gauge Tee? Adapter


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Has anyone seen an adapter like the one shown, and if so, where may I find one to buy? Circa 1948, shown in GM workshop manual (Holden).

It will be 1/4"NPT all round, I imagine, or maybe 1/8"NPT on LH connection, as the tell-tale switch is 1/4"NPT and engine connection is 1/4"NPT.


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You might check Chevys of the 40's and the Filling Station's online catalogs. Chevy's in the 40s used a optional bypass oil filter set-up on the 216 engine. The filter kit included a fitting similar to what you want to hook up the hose to the filter, and the oil pressure guage line to the engine. It may look a little different, but, might work for you.



1948 Chevy Fleetmaster

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