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About 5 years ago I needed an aluminum trailer because I have a 6000 pound car.  An aluminum enclosed trailer saved about 1000 pounds over a steel trailer.

I chose an Intech and I have been very happy with it.  It was built to my specs so I reduced the spacing of the floor supports, had the tail gate/ramp beefed up to handle the weight of the car, added a few inches to the height, upgraded the wheels, and added some stainless trim options.  It was still about half the cost of a Featherlite. 

I forgot to order a step for the RH door so I ordered it later.  I took it to a shop locally that fabricates aluminum structures for boats to have it welded on.  The welders commented on how they were impressed with the quality of the workmanship on the trailer.

I added an attachment for a sway control but have never used it because it follows so well.

This week I had it inspected and the mechanic who performed the inspection commented on how impressed he was with the trailer.

I bought it from a place in Florida (I'm in VA) called bestpricetrailers.com.  The owner picked it up at the factory and delivered it to me at no charge.


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