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Any Reatta's Without Side Moldings?

Claret Red 89

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I wish I could remember who, but someone here posted pictures of a car quite a while a while ago now that they had removed the side moldings from. This required removal of mounting studs (welded to body panels) and filling of a couple of screw holes in the doors and front fender. Obviously there is body and paint work needed to delete the moldings.

I'd think you are better off finding and painting replacement moldings from a cost standpoint than removing them. The moldings are easy enough to find from parts vendors or ebay. If your moldings are black it is even easier as they don't need to be color matched.

I think the PPG pace car discussed here multiple times also deleted the side moldings but added custom ground effects.


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Guest InfernoX90

The chrome strip is a generic cut to fit piece, and I reused the reattach emblems from the old moldings, which you have to grind the tabs off the back of it and double side tape it back on.

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