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A hearty thank you to whoever brought the Yukon Jack Wicked Hot Whiskey. 

It's very enjoyable.


And I must pay a dear apology to my good friend Larry Johnson for stealing his alcohol not once, but twice!  I think he still ended up with the craft beer. :)


We do this kind of swap at our chapter Xmas party every year also. Very fun!

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Hey Mark, you are very deserving of getting mugged! LOL.

And a big THANK YOU to Mr. EARL, for dedication to keep this activity going. Without him no one gets Mugged!

One of the reasons I enjoy this activity is the fact that we have a unique bond through this forum. I dare say one would be challenged to find another group of 34 people at a meet who all know one another.

So Thanks to all who participated this year, and in prior years too.

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Guys, do you think it would be possible to get a good picture of the entire group. Even if you have to go out in the parking lot. Come on, what da ya say.



A picture should be easy.  A good picture...eh, not so!  But we'll give it a shot! 



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