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Airflow Fender Skirts for sale

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I got this message through the WPC Club Email. If anyone is interested please reply to the party directly via the Email Link.

Do not respond to this post as I am not monitoring it.


Ian Smale.

I have what I beleive to be Fender Skirts for a 1934

t0 1936 Chrysler Air Flow I do not have Chrysler cars (Flathead Fords) but I am

sure a Chrysler car owner would like to have them at a reasonable price I can

be contacted by email, Gordon Harsell or phone 705 924 1702


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Just as a heads-up, I spoke to Gord up above and he was kind enough to send me photos of his skirts. Very nice fellow, but sadly his skirts aren't for an Airflow. Here are some photos, can anyone identify them?


post-76547-0-31024200-1434684856_thumb.j post-76547-0-99923300-1434684858_thumb.j



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