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Is there someone that really knows how is correct the two-tone colors combination in 55 Buick?

Currently my Buick is totally Carlsbad Black(AAA), but I would like to paint with gray metallic (or silver) just the below molding (like AAD).

Is it correct AAD and according GM specification? or necessarily I need to includes the roof (upper) too, like gray/black/gray (DAD)?

many thanks,

br Norberto - Brazil.

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Try this "Google Images" search:

There are several two tone Buicks there and they all adhere to the same style of two-toning. I feel there are enough to safely assume the factory scheme.

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I think you would have been able to order both AAD and DAD. Supposedly the only tri-tone combinations available were ADB, ASC, BML, and EKH, but I've seen BDA, CBU, EHC, SCB, and YXW as well, so I think you could order other tri-tone combinations. Here is a list of actual paint combinations I've seen on 1955 Buick's:

AAA = Solid
BBB = Solid
CCC = Solid

HHH = Solid


ACA = Two-tone
AGA = Two-tone
ARR = Two-tone

ASS = Two-tone

ATT = Two-tone
AUU = Two-tone
BAA = Two-tone

BAB = Two-tone
BBH = Two-tone

BBU = Two-tone
BDD = Two-tone

BFB = Two-tone

BFF = Two-tone
BHH = Two-tone

BML = Two-tone

BPB = Two-tone
BPP = Two-tone
BRR = Two-tone
BSB = Two-tone
BSS = Two-tone

BTT = Two-tone
BUU = Two-tone
BWW = Two-tone
BYY = Two-tone

CSS = Two-tone
CTT = Two-tone
DBB = Two-tone
EAE = Two-tone
EDE = Two-tone
EGG = Two-tone

EKK = Two-tone
EPP = Two-tone
FDD = Two-tone
FPF = Two-tone

GBG = Two-tone
GKK = Two-tone
HEH = Two-tone

HHB = Two-tone

KBK = Two-tone
PBP = Two-tone
PEP = Two-tone

PPF = Two-tone

SBS = Two-tone
SCC = Two-tone
SCS = Two-tone
WXX = Two-tone
WYW = Two-tone

XBX = Two-tone

YUU = Two-tone
YWY = Two-tone


ASC = Tri-Tone

BDA = Tri-tone

CBU = Tri-tone

EHC = Tri-tone

SCB = Tri-tone

YXW = Tri-tone


1AA = Solid (convertible)
1BB = Solid (convertible)
1CC = Solid (convertible)

1PP = Solid (convertible)

3NN = Solid (convertible)

3SS =Solid (convertible)
4HH = Solid (convertible)
5CC = Solid (convertible)

5UU = Solid (convertible)


1AB = Two-tone (convertible)
1BA = Two-tone (convertible)
4BF = Two-tone (convertible)
4FE = Two-tone (convertible)
5YX = Two-tone (convertible)

In 1955 paint jobs were three digits:

First digit = upper color (letter = paint, number = convertible top)
Second letter = center color
Third letter = lower color
1 or -1 at the end indicates the optional wheel color was used

1955 paint codes:
A = Carlsbad Black
B = Dover White
C = Cameo Beige
D = Windsor Grey Metallic
E = Temple Grey
F = Colonial Blue Metallic
G = Victoria Blue Metallic
H = Cascade Blue
K = Stafford Blue Metallic
L = Belfast Green Metallic
M = Willow Green
N = Galway Green
P = Cadet Blue Metallic
R = Titian Red Metallic
S = Cherokee Red
T = Gulf Turquoise
U = Condor Yellow
W = Spruce Green Metallic
X = Nile Green Metallic
Y = Mist Green

1955 convertible top codes:
1 = Black
2 = Tan
3 = White
4 = Blue
5 = Green

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Thank you ! The problem on internet photos is try to identify what are really under specs GM.

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Many thanks, Great research! I agree with you, seems both combination are valid (AAD and DAD). Probable I will use DAD. Br

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many thanks, let me analyze so good links. br

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