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Cargirl has the rare 1991 RPO N60


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Barney, I have just about a thousand 91s completed, and hope to have the rest done within the week.  there are a few mistakes, but not as many as you would think. (One convert is a coupe, a couple of VINs with a wrong digit, a few colors wrong).  It will be as accurate as possible-I think-with the options, colors, pinstripes, white wheels, calif emissions, Canadian, an export, and a few other interesting cars. 


One thing i would like is some photos of the 91 id labels from the tire wells-hope to get a dozen or so to look at the codes and try an match them to the RPO codes. 


Stay tuned.

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Hey Barney!

Here's yer quote, not used to new format, and signature pix are gone!

(4) The black/red Reatta that was in the Bulgari collection was a coupe that I now own. Anyone can look at the database and find all the black/red convertibles.
A side note on the last Reattas built and the Bulgari cars..... at one of the national meets, someone said the Bulgari owned the last Reatta coupe and convertible. I was able to contact Keith at the collection and he gave me the vin for Mr. Bulgari's Reattas and neither the coupe or convertible were the last built. GM had both of those cars, they retained the convertible (900622) until 2009 and Chuck Perry purchased (901554) from GM just before the Columbus (1999) meet and later sold it back to them.


When we were at the 105th anniversary show, (aka GM 100th anniversary), I spoke with Bulgari's collection caretaker just after his presentation, (at the award-less banquet), and he assured me they had just acquired #622 from GM. I had contacted SteveGM@GM who said they could not locate the "last Reatta Convertible built" #622 weeks earlier, when I called to see if it would be at Sloan museum, or displayed for the Buick show.


I know I've been away for years now, but it seems none of the other 6 black/flame 'verts have surfaced, not even the elusive #622.


I'll stand by my claim ""Beauty is the last of the "seven sisters" (7 black/flame convertibles) on the road"" until another drives up.


As for the last built, I only have rumors from Craft centre folks, and the trophy made for the last Reatta 'vert I bought at the trunk swap at Reatta reunion, and it's plaque-which fell inside my center console that evening, when I opened the ashtray. Once I'm long gone, (and someone prys Beauty from my cold, dead hands!), some restorer with an easy resto job may find that plaque, under the tuner.


That very same weekend, you told me the black/flame in Florida was lost in a house fire. We were both under the impression, (at the time), no others were left on the road. I even chased after rumored ones in IL & WI, only to find a black/maroon '90 'vert with 91 wheels (IL) and a dead end in WI. Beauty was originally delivered to TX, one of the few outside GM employees' original ownership.


I condition my statements with "on the road" because #622 will never see the road, as a priceless collectible, and others may exist in boneyards, or disabled in backyards. Black Beauty is now permanently registered as a "Collector Vehicle" with the state of Wisconsin and is a preserved, driven, unmolested pleasure car, who only comes out when (the snow and salt are gone and) the sun is high. Maybe I'll roll in on a Buick show this year.


Mike, (the reattadude) said he knew of B/F twin sisters squirrled away (undriven) in Bowling green, but that was 8-10 years ago. Anyone seen them on the road lately?




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