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Help with 65 please


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This piece protects the headlight linkages in the front of the wheel wells.... when I had the car painted the guy lost the bolts that hold each one of these in place. There is one of these pieces for each side of the car.
The nuts are welded onto the frame (or assembly where these fasten to). Does anyone know where I can source these bolts. (Or what they look like)

Thanks much!


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These are the typical body assembly bolts used to bolt the front end sheet metal to GM

cars in the 60's. They are available new from various vendors. Ames Performance Engineering sells these bolts in kits.....Order a kit from them for the 65 GTO.....it will have the bolts you need. It's always good to have spares of these bolts in your private stash, never know when you might need a couple.

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Mr. G's Enterprises offers all sorts of bolts in any quantity that you want. If you print out a page from his website, it will print at 100% of the original size of the bolt. Borrow one from your fender to inner fender, compare it to what's on the web, and order some. Probably close to a 1/2" flanged hex head, with 1" long threads, that have a self tapping slot in the threads.


PS - Don't forget to put the one you borrowed back.


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I have my panels off, here are the four screws that hold them on. The two fine threads go in the center two holes, the course threads go in the outermost and vertical hole in the cover.


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