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Any idea what year this is ?

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Yep, the oval radiator cap hole and the triangular shaped radiator badge are a dead give away to the year range.

Late 1930-32. Prior to that the cap was round with winged badge.

Rick, are you thinking of buying it ? What's the story ? I'd love to know more about it. I would be interested in some parts off of it if the owner is parting out, although it looks to complete to part out...

BTW, the headlights are incorrect but I'd love to see the front bumper and the rear tail light assembly to see if those are correct.

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Could also be any of the following depending on the wheelbase, engine, and a few other options. Note, all of these trucks were taken from a Ross Roy Service Inc. salesman's manual copyright dated from 11/1/1930 up to 1932:

Hope this info helps..

F30 - 136" WB

F31 - 165" WB

UF30 - 136" WB

UF31 - 165" WB

MF31 - 165" WB (This one would be my guess, or the PF31 Platform only version)

PF31 - 165" WB (Not shown)

SF31 - 165" WB

Here's a MF31


Here's the SF1


The F30 & F31 (with engine type)


The UF30 & UF31 (with engine type)




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