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1955 Hood

Earl B.

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Well, I've had some hard luck. I was out riding a couple of weeks ago and the hood release did just that. It released when I was going 55/60 down the hiway. I slammed on brakes, hoping to lessen the damage, but it was too little. The hood flew backwards and bent it in every direction you could think of. I can't find my camera, but when I can, I'll post a picture.

Anyway, I need a hood for a 1955 Super/Roadmaster, also a pair of hinges. Any help is greatly appreciated. Earl

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Mr. Earl, If I told the details of the front drivers seat, I'd probably be banned for using such language!!! Needless to say, it's not as clean as it was before the accident. It was truly the wildest few second ride of my life....I can promise you that, and a ride I hope no one else has to take. I slammed on brakes in hopes it would throw the hood down, but we had high winds and it did no good... It is a total mess and no way in the world to fix it it's bent in so many directions.

Thanks for the help in looking a new one....that's how I found the 54s for sale I sent you the link for...looking a new hood. I found all sorts of Buicks for sale.

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I have a 1955 Super/Roadmaster hood, couple of fingertip-sized rust holes in the inner liner metal where it is double-walled, but no rust holes in the outside surface. I'm in northern Texas, so I have no idea what the transportation cost would be. $100 for the hood if you want it, but freight is likely to be more than that.

Pete Phillips, BCA #7338

Leonard, Texas

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