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Corvair Transmission Fluid

Bill Boudway

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It might have been at the time Dexron 3, but any Dexron is good.

The requirement is that all current Dexron can be back used for previous models. You can use Dexron 5 for cars that originally used Dexron 3, but can not use Dexron 3 for a newer vehicle that might use Dexron 5 or 6.

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Orig atf would have been "Type A" or "Type A, Suffix A". This was superceded by the Dexron family of atf in approx. 1968. Dexron III was the last "normal" Dexron ATF. The upgraded "semi-synthetic" DEXRON atf is Dexron VI, which replaces ALL prior Dexron atfs AND, as noted, is backward-compatible all the way to 1948 for GM automatic transmissions. The earlier DEXRON atfs are NOT approved for the newer 6-speed GM automatics, though.

You can still find the old Type A fluids in some older auto supplies, but the newer Dexron atfs are far superior fluids. The DexIII fluids are now termed "Multi-Make" atf by Castrol and others, so you have to read the bottle to see if it is compatible for GM vehicles or import brands of vehicles. Ford's Mercon V usually crosses with the Dexron III fluid in these formulations. Just do NOT use atf in a GM power steering system! Unless the orig ps fluid spec was "Type A".

Take care,


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