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Hi Kean,,,,,Ben in Maine here,,

Just not sure if the 640 and 645 are the same,,I recall a 645 hood

is about 3" taller than the 640,,,guesses how I found this out,,but at the

time I was breaking a LeBaron limo[645] for parts,,,,

Is there any hope of repair on yours,,,,At present i have no leads

but,,,,,,,If i bump this up it may help,,,Cheers,,Ben

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G'day Ben,

The 645 radiator is a couple of inches taller and, therefore, the hood. Since I need one of each, I wasn't going into that and complicating things. I am delighted to get your reply - the first. Now I just need one offering me a radiator. I have several Std 8 radiators and cores but hold out hope that there is one out there. I also need a 745 and that's going to be harder than the 645. I do have tonnes of spares and could swap or pay good $. Thanks again Ben.

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I am confident there's a radiator out there. Please check your spares. I would even buy a job lot of parts or a project car 1929-1931. What have you? HELP!!! Parts can be collected your location. I ship with USA to OZ out of West Coast or East Coast.

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