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42 Chev radio, heater and hubcaps (duplicate post on Chev board)

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I just bought a 42 Chev Special Deluxe sedan and would like to get the correct radio, heater and hubcaps. There are 2 big swap meets this weekend but I don't know what they look like. Can anyone direct me to some good pictures? I tried a Google search but cannot find a definite answer.

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Thanks, I already tried that. Got several pictures all different, don't know which is correct. My best guess is the heater was round with a Chevrolet emblem in the middle and ducts coming off the left side. Radio probably a big box behind the dash with speaker in front and 5 brown pushbuttons at the bottom. But, there are other possibilities.

Have been told the hubcaps are the same as 46-48 type but the ones on the car are different. Typical dome type caps with CHEVROLET in block letters but without the red and blue "swoosh" on the post war type.

Maybe the ones on the car are wrong as well as rusty and dented? If I could find a 42 brochure it might answer the hubcap question but maybe not about the accessories.

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