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1939 Special firewall holes - what goes where?


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Hello everyone, we have been doing some wiring and since the fuel and ignition systems were altered on both of my cars, some of the holes in the firewall are confusing us. I was hoping someone could advise on what goes where.

Here is my restoration car:


and here is the parts car (easier to get all the holes in the same picture):


1- Vacuum line? My parts car had a vacuum fuel pump line going though there, which of course was not original

2- Vacuum line? From intake manifold?

3- Speedometer cable, correct?

4- Main wiring harness and other wiring harness, but there are 3 holes in the grommet... What is the 3rd hole used for?

5- Emergency brake cable (and manual throttle/choke?)

6- Manual throttle/choke?

I have looked for some images of other cars, but they are each a little different just like my cars were.

Thanks for any assistance!

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I have a 1939 Special sedan parts car that is pretty much intact and should provide the answers you need, Bob's Automobilia, by the way, sells most if not all of the grommets for those holes. I'll check the parts car tomorrow for you. Bob H

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I think we have it. This car has never been torn down so I have a high degree of confidence in the location of its components.

Hole #1: Two items, oil pressure line and temperature gauge tube. The grommet is split to the center hole for ease of assembly.

Hole #2: Threaded stud that supports the radio mounting bracket. A rubber washer against the firewall, a 1/4" fender washer, then the nut.

Hole #3: Two items through this elongated grommet, speedometer cable through the top hole and wiper vacuum hose through the bottom.

Hole #4: Two branches of wire loom. Smaller branch goes through the top hole and across the firewall, larger branch down to voltage regulator etc. Empty extra hole.

Hole #5: Emergency brake cable. This grommet has an inclined or angled hole.

Hole #6: Throttle cable.

Bob H

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