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1930 Packard 734 Speedster Twins

West Peterson

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Maybe a message from my father wanting to know where I took the car.:) I would have much rather kept driving past the Ritz/Amelia Concours and just drove all day long. It was fun to compare the numbers on the two cars, though.


I think you should drive it up to Auburn next week. It would look great next to my entry.

Cousin Eddie

Cincinnati, Ohio

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Here is another pair of 734 speedsters parked together on the lawn at Pebble Beach taken a couple of years ago. The red car is Groendyke's, but I forgot who owns the other. Seeing a pair of these speedsters together certainly leaves a lasting impression.

The other speedster is owned by Billy Vaccaro of New Jersey, read the whole history of this particular car in a recent issue of the CCCA magazine that I wrote for him. Billy used this car for years in VSCCA events in the Northeast. It has to be one of the most authentically restored speedsters in existence, original colors , no extra lights etc. Wonderful car to behold.

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