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How to find AACA member: 27 Buick


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In the January/February 2015 issue of Antique Automobile, there was an article about a '27 Buick...by Susan Manherz...I assume she is the owner? Is there anyway for me to contact her? I just bought a '27 Buick from a barn and need some information.



301 302 nine six three four


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If you go to the home page at aaca.org, you can sign in under the Member Info tab and then select Membership Search. You will find that there her address there. She happens to even be in your same state.

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Yes, she and her husband Mike are the owners.

Their '27 Buick is all original, with even the original

Eisenglass side curtains. Unlike any of today's

reproduced side curtains, theirs have original sewn-in

tags (much like the tag on a shirt or towel) indicating

right-front, left-front, etc.!

So there's an original car detail that everyone has forgotten--

and judges are missing them too!

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I just did a set of side curtains for a '23 Buick, had the originals and they had the "left front" and so forth tags, very neat, and very fragile....I put them on the new curtains, covered with a piece of clear plastic to try to preserve them.....they're such a neat touch I'm going to look into reproducing them, they'd work on any curtains of course....

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Original. I'm having them made up that way, then they're universal for different make cars. Thought I had a picture of them but can't find it this instant, will see if I can....

Sorry for hijacking thread....

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David, seeing that upholstery is your profession,

that's really helpful that you will be reproducing those tags!

I hope you'll be able to use exactly the correct typeface,

type size, colors, and wording, so the tags will be historic reproductions,

not approximations.

I'm curious who originally made the side curtains for those Buicks.

Fisher body itself? If so, those tags might apply to other GM marques.

A survey of other original GM side curtains would be interesting.

If the curtains were made by a major outside supplier, the tags might

be applicable to some other, non-GM, marques as well.

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