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1948 Lincoln V12 not getting spark

Guest NickGC414

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Guest NickGC414

I'm working on getting my 1948 Lincoln running and driving. The engine cranks fine, but its not getting spark. Everything looks to be in order except one wire that is disconnected in the front of the engine and I cannot find out where it is supposed to go. I will post a picture of the wire, hopefully someone can help me out.


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Can not tell which wire is disconnected.

Check under the dash and find the ignition resistor.

Has at least two terminals on it and a sort of heat shield looking thing on it.

With the ignition switch on there should be electricity on both sides.

If there isn't the resistor is bad.

I there is then go out to the coil and check to see if you have electricity there.

If you do not you have an interruption from the resistor to the coil.

Also the wire I think is disconnected in the photo is for the o.d to disrupt the ignition for a split second so it can shift.

Good Luck

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