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Prayers, well wishes for Paul and Mary Ann Meyer


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Got an eMail from Paul the other day and although I had heard his health wasn't great lately, never realized he was going through all this. I asked if I could share this and he commented he could use all the prayers he could get. Paul is one of the most upbeat fellers I know, not to mention one of the most fun BCA Presidents, so hopefully that attitude toward life will help pull him through it all.

"First of all, I'm sending this to a lot of my friends, so your name should be the only one noted. I'm sending this so my health condition hopefully won't get misunderstood. So,.here goes.

We just got home from M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas, and we brought "some" good news. Not all is doing good, but, at least some is good news. The chemo is working on the pancreas and liver, the tumor is shrinking, good news. The spots on my lungs are getting bigger, but they are so small that they're not concerned with them at this time. The chemo is not working on the prostate. It has spread to almost my whole body, but, so far, I only have one bone pain, and it's questionable. My PSA has risen to 589, not good, but, what it does now is up in the air. Three oncologists haven't come up an answer.

One of the chemo's that I have been taking, Abaraxane, has been causing severe peripheral neuropathy in my feet to the point that I can't hardly walk at times. And, it feels as though they are sticking needles into thends of my big toes. So, they are stopping the Abaraxane for two sessions, then going to reduce it by 25%. And, I'm to start taking Xtandi. It's a new drug that hasn't been out on the market very long. It was not available when the Zytiga I was taking stopped working. Xtandi, $2800 plus a month. Hopefully I can get it thru the Veterans Administration.

I have been having trouble seeing, so, the diagnosis, Cataracts. I've been given the Okay to have them taken care of. Bleeding is a problem, and they have to be very careful.

I also have many cancer areas on my forehead and that has been okayed, burning or freezing only, no cutting.

Also, I have been given the green light to go to a dentist to get my teeth cleaned, again, no bleeding since I have been taking a blood thinning shot every day.

So, with all that, I am still alive and kicking, thanks for loads and loads of prayers from people like you. I am truly thankful. In my eyes and estimation, I shouldn't even be alive with all these problems, but, I'm still here. I told one of the doctors in Houston that it was 75% me and 25% doctors, and he agreed, how about that ?

Enough of this now. Again, thanks for all the prayers and good wishes, but don't stop now, I've got a long way to go.

God Bless all of you and your loved ones, Paul"

Paul, Mary Ann and the custom 56 he has been working on the last several years.


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Thank you for posting. I have been aware of Paul's health issues for awhile. We met once in South Bend and talked cars in the back of my truck as the storm went through. As you stated, Paul is a very up beat guy. A SUPER person!

Paul, you have been and will continue to be in our prayers. God Bless you and Mary Ann.


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Some things I don't forget. Paul and Mary Ann came over to my house that was my parents house in St.Louis while I was trying to get thru a bunch of stuff for an estate sale and to say the least the house was full to the top with just stuff. I had told Paul there was a lot of dolls and that most people came in and said WOW what are you going to do with all this stuff. Paul said he wouldn't say that. Well when they came in the first thing that Paul said is "what are you going to do with all this stuff" and then laughed. Paul is a good guy and I wish him and his family the best in his fight. Sounds like there are some blue skys ahead.

God Bless Paul

Chuck Kerls

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