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Does anybody know about this hood ornament?

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Hi, today I purchased a hood ornament on a parts swap meet, like shown on the pictures. Does anybody know about the make and year? Can you tell by it´s surface and shape / detailing if it is an original or a cheap imitation? What would you suggest to get it up to glossy glory?

Thanks for advice,







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ok, I did my own research. It´s from a 1933 or 1934 Cadillac. It seems to be a Zinc sand cast model with no or very little finishing or surface treatment. Maybe sorted out due to some blow holes, lunkers or stuff. Still beautiful enough to try to get it detailed.

Do you have any recommendation how to detail the contours, the face etc? I am not familiar with this at all. By hand or with a small machine? Which tools etc.?

In the age of 3D-printing, the good old hand craft work seems to get forgotten.

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