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Hershey deadline Sept 26

SalG (Sal Grenci)

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Hi all, The deadline to register to judge at Hershey is Sept 26, 2000. Judges brunch is in the Ice arena at 7:00 a.m. Oct 7, 2000 and you enter in the rear. No judging school at Hershey.<BR>If you do not have a form send the following:<P>Name<BR>Address<BR>Phone Number<BR>AACA Number<BR>What class you want, give up to 4 choices. If you or a family member have a car in that class you can not judge it.<BR>Tell them if you have ever been a Team Captain or Deputy and how many credits you have.<BR>$4.00 payable to Hershey Region, AACA; for your food.<P>Send to:<BR>Adam M. Lesher<BR>3630 Kings Drive<BR>Lebanon, Pa. 17046<BR>717-274-0602<P>SalG smile.gif<BR><p>[This message has been edited by SalG (edited 09-21-2000).]

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