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1929 DB Standard Combo-meter needed.


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Hi, everyone. I am looking for the speedometer for a 1929 Standard Six. I have included a picture so if anyone has an extra one or knowledge of where I can locate one I would appreciate it if you would pass me the information. The second picture is what I believe I need.

Thanks in advance.



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My 2249 is a October '27 off the assembly line and I have the POT METAL CURSE too This problem was not to DB cars only it was across the board Evidently the recipe that was used in the early pot metals was not thoroughly tested ( i was told by an old Uncle that it had to much zinc in it) and I believe problems were encounted early on as the pot metals made in the late '30s seemed to be of better quality Also you can add the starter and generator

end plates to your list as the are pot metal as well All I can suggest is keep an eye on flea bay

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