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Thought everyone would enjoy seeing this.

The owner is Steve Plunkett and holds an annual fundraiser Car Show on his property in London, Ontario, Canada which has raised over 1.1 million dollars in 10 shows (corrected amount..).

An interesting man I've met at Eyes On Design Car Show in Michigan last summer.



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I live very close to Steve Plunkett here in London Ont. I've gone to the big show, Fleetwood Country Cruise-In many times. Have met and chatted with him at our local cruise ins and he's a very nice guy with a fantastic collection of cars indeed.

I'm not surprised he's down sizing the big show. It must take a lot of time, effort and money with very little return other than the pleasure of hosting such a large event. Which I'm sure must be very tiring and costly. A good friend of mine knows him quite well and told me he is very generous with his money, donating to different charities and causes.

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A must-see for Cadillac lovers. And Steve's Fleetwood Cruise is a wonderful show - had close to 2000 cars on display last year I think - correct me if I'm wrong - as well as some rare trucks and commercial vehicles. And again a great philanthropist who's having some fun and letting the public enjoy his collection too. His Salon alone is worth the visit.

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Thanks Joe for posting the Car Show link.

I personally have not been to one of his shows, always a timing issue, but hope to go some year with my '58 Special.

As you can see he is not only a Cadillac collector but has a quite a variety of cars including this one I just happened to come across one day last year going home from work.


Turns out it was in the final stages of restoration locally for Steve who I had not met yet.

Then I go to the Eyes on Design Show in Michigan and what do I see? To which I met Steve and had a chance to chat about the Buick and mine. Seems he has a Special Convert also. It was a good time.:D


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Met Mr. Plunkett at Amelia a few years ago, when he was showing this '34 V-16 Fleetwood Conv. Victoria.

This car's image takes up two full pages car of the AQ book, General Motors, The First 75 Years.

(He had the book on display in the back seat, and we chatted at length about it).

The cars live in a lodge-like Garage Mahal.



Very approachable fellow!


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