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Was checking my battery today, and thought I'd take a picture of my took box, under the seat- Some have asked about what's there. I believe it's all original, so what you see is what I have . Ran a rag over it best I could-

1933 Buick Series 90 Seven passenger Sedan - post-54015-143143083502_thumb.jpg


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Like the tools. Looked under my '32 seat not long ago with great hopes of finding some original tools. Wasn't happy when I found none. Went to MD to pick up my 32 trunk and it was gone. Have 3 nice old trunks but not the metal one like you have. Do you still have an extra one you would be willing to part with? Our car is green and black and we could really use the trunk on tours. What ever you have (info or a spare) is greatly appreciated.


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