Steve Hammatt

Completed. See you in 2016. Plan Early. Pacific NW to Hershey and return October 2015

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Completed.  Hope to hear from you next October if you need some hauling to Hershey and return.


UPDATE:  Heading again to Hershey this fall with 24' extra tall enclosed trailer pulled by diesel rig. Always have room for odd items inside and in open pickup bed. Typically travel via I-94/I-90 or even I-80. Leaving around Sept 30th and returning by October 14th. All booked up for full cars, but there's always room for signs and parts.  Trailer will be in the RED Field RWG 30-31 (4 aisles south of the HCCA HQ Tent).   Thanks to all my friends who have allowed me to haul for you. Reach me at 360-661-6060 or email at

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