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37 Special seat belt suggestions


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Any suggestions how to route the center seat belts through the front seats on a four door sedan? Has a sheet metal back on the seat that runs from the top of the seat back to the bottom frame. If it wasn't already upholstered a slot for each belt would be easy. Maybe an upholstery shop has some kind of grommet that could be sewed or glued on to the area where the cloth is slotted for the belt. What have others done? Thank you;


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Got the belts in. There was no way to use the retractable mechanism since the seat is tight against the center pillar post and the retractor would have to be put behind the seat in the rear passengers foot space. Used a three point with adjustable belts and put a clothes hanger hook at the top of the center pillar to hold belts out of the way when not in use. The center belts are fastened to the back of the seat first (behind the bottom cushion) and then a second short adjustable strap goes to the same bolt on the rear side of the seat to the floor anchor. Actually have short lengths of chain on the rear till upholstery shop makes up the adjustable straps. Belts feel comfortable and not distracting while driving. Would have liked the retractors because I have to unsnap to reach the glove box or other far reaches. Guess it's still better than eating a windshield.

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