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Tail Light Bulbs


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Does the tail light use all the same bulbs all the way across, and are they 2057

for all the sockets, or do the center sockets take different bulbs?

I saw a diagram once of the tail lens, don't remember where, that showed which

bulbs to use where.

Thanks for your help.

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The same duel filament bulb was used in all 12 positions in the rear..... only the outer 3 on each side use both filaments. The good news is if the brake or turn signal stops working on the rear, you can steal a bulb from one of the center 4 positions and be back in business.

I suspect this was a case of simplifying the assembly, it eliminated two part numbers. I also suspect the entire rear lamp assembly was done by an outside supplier and they may have made the suggestion to simplify the process and charge Buick the same price although the dual socket and bulb would have been slightly more expensive. The industry buys those parts at a fraction of the price we pay.

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All this bulb talk tells me that you guys are getting your cars out. My Red is still at the widow Schneiders and the 'vert is off the wheel dollies, and the cover is off. The only thing left is to remove the battery tender and put the insurance coverage back on it. We just got a cleansing rain so the roads are clear.

I think May 1 is the day!

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