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Still want a Plymouth Cricket

Guest Richard D

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  • 6 months later...

The car would be interesting at a car show!


But as Crickets were built in England, would they

not tend to be unreliable cars?  I remember reading

that the English Fords were so poor at one point, 

that they could not be sold on the European continent.

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Interesting how there are virtually none for sale.

I had a notion to search out a '62 Plymouth Belvedere as I had one. 4 door sedan with the slant 6 engine and push button automatic. 

I loved that car.

It burned a quart of oil every hundred miles but never fouled a plug or failed to get me to my job which was 27 miles away.

I was in a state of shock when I found how few are out there much less the MONEY asked for them!.......  :wacko:

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