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532 General Automotive Magazines For Sale

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Revised Total & Price

I have 458 general automotive magazines in 6 titles that I have saved from subscriptions over the years. They are in very good condition, and boxed in copy paper boxes.

I am looking to liquidate the whole lot in a bulk sale. They are located in Savannah, GA. Price $250 obo does not include freight.

Will consider selling any individual set by title. Pricing to be determined by items wanted. Thanks for your consideration.

1.Autoweek:(2 issues/month)

a.’11 Dec; ’12 Jan-Nov; ’13 Mar-Dec; ’14 Jan-Feb.(48 issues)

2. Car & Driver:

a.’91: Jan, Feb, April-Dec;’92 & ’93 Complete.(35 issues)

b.’08 May-Dec; ’09 – ’10 Complete; ’11 Jan-May(37 issues)

3. Ford V-8 Times:

a.Publication of the early Ford V-8 Club.6 issues/year.

b.’00 – ’01 Complete (12 issues)

4.Motor Trend:

a.’88 Aug; ’98 Nov-Dec; ’99 Complete; ’00 Jan-Oct.(25 issues)

5.Muscle Machines (Hemmings):

a.’03 Oct-Dec; ’04 Complete; ’05 Jan-Mar, May-Dec; ’06 – ’08 Complete (62 issues)

6.Road & Track:

a.’96 – ’00 Complete; ’01 May-Dec (68 issues)

b.’98 Nov-Dec; ’99 Complete; ’00 Jan-Aug, Oct (23 issues)

c.’02 – ’06 Complete; ’07 Jan, Mar-Dec; (71 issues)

d.’08 -’11 Complete; ’12 Jan-Oct, Dec; ’13 Complete;’14 June-Nov (77 issues)

Total 458 issues

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