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First-Gen Consoles

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OK Riviera People: It's time for me to re-assemble the console in a 64 Riv. The problem is that it's been apart before and not only are parts missing, I can't seem to find a diagram of how it goes together. I have a few questions.

1. Are the console innards the same for a/c vs non a/c? This is an a/c car. If not, what might the differences be? I have a non a/c 64 Parts car, thus my question.

2. Is there a diagram available that shows an exploded view? If not, could someone please post a picture so I can get a good idea of how it goes together.

3. I resprayed the black color with SEM trim paint. Was that a good choice?

4. I did notice the 65 Console has a shorter rear end trim piece (lighter and rear lens piece). Besides the shifter pernduls are there other differences between the innards of a 63, 64 and 65?

Thanks, Mitch

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Its my understanding there is quite a bit off difference between a 65 and 63-64s. having only dealt with my 65 I dont want to through you off, but I do know the area around the ashtray is different and thats where alot of the 65 mounting points are.

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They're different for all three years. The '63 console house the light switch, wiper switch, and, if equipped, the switch for the rear defroster. The '65 console is shorter in the back to make room for the longer shifter quadrant. But if I remember correctly, all of the lights, ash tray, etc. are on a separate harness. As far as I know the front part of the console on the '64 and the '65 are the same. As Glenn says, there are good diagrams in the chassis manuals.


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