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A/C Pump for my 1958 Buick Special

Guest sintid58

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Guest sintid58

I am looking for an air conditioner pump for my 58. The one I have will turn about half a revolution so I am not sure if it can be rebuilt or not. If there is a possibility of getting it repaired let me know of someone that can do it. The Model number is 5911159. I am going to try and attach a couple pictures.

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I would either:

A ) Send it away to be rebuilt by a vintage AC repair shop of your choice

B ) Install an A-6 from a 60's GM. They sell new ones. UNLESS you need to retain originality.

C ) Install a new Sanden style compressor if you really don't care about originality.

I have never had any problem making slight alterations on compressor mounts to make different compressors fit. They are all close enough to sometimes just expand one mounting hole.

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