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For Sale: 1960 Grumman Olson (like a big step van) Unfinished Project

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Currently stored in Riverside, California and in the way.


Back in the early-‘90s I wanted this bad. After the purchase I drove the fully-functional truck home. With its perfectly good 300-inch Ford mill and granny 4-speed, it was slow. So, a frame graft was performed using the front frame section of a late-‘70s Chevrolet 3/4-ton pickup, which enabled better suspension, power steering, disc brakes, etc. The workmanship is good. The frame graft is professional, but this is as far as the project went.


A good-used (at the time) 350 Chevrolet and rebuilt TH350 (long-tail) are only mocked in position. They’re probably both junk by now.


On the upside, there’s zero body rot. The Grumman Olson body is made entirely of aluminum, with an aluminum diamond plate floor.


Here’s the aluminum cartoon character grille. The panel above (not shown) sports a prominent Grumman Olson badge.





I still see great potential as a swap meet truck, but it won’t happen for me. Time’s up. For $1,650.00 or somethin' real close, I'll help you load it.

email: rottenrodneyb@gmail.com 'phone: (760) 751-0124

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