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Garage flooring

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No first hand experience with this brand but I have seen similar mats in use at various locations. These are a great option for covering an ugly floor without the hassle of stripping, blasting and applying epoxy but.......only if the garage is primarily a show garage as in the car is stored there but serious work is done elsewhere. Notice in the pictures they don't show cars undergoing restoration where dirty greasy, heavy work is performed using jacks, jackstands, sharp metal parts falling on it or being slid over it, being exposed to various chemicals during the process as well as torch heated parts falling onto it, etc, etc.

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If you have a Costco in your area, they usually sell roll out flooring that looks pretty good, but agree there should be no "heavy lifting" on it.....I've considered tiles, but with them I worry about oil leaking through the cracks (of course, none of my old cars leak oilll...whhhaatt'ss happpennninnng, myy nose keeps hitttttting the keeeyboaard)....

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