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Visor for 1920's open car

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I finally found windshield stanchions & upper window frame for my 1925-45 at the Portland swap meet. The stanchions had an accessory visor attached that appears to read "Sunbeam Visor manufactured by Thomas & Sons Inc, Fairfield Iowa". This visor was not covered by top material, but instead has a glass channel just like a windshield frame that once held green glass.

Does anyone else have one of these on their restored car, and does it enhance the appeal of the car, or is this an ugly appendage ?







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I know of a 1932 Buick model 57s with a green glass visor on the passenger side. Supposedly it was an after market addition as there was no factory visor on the passenger side on this model. It was interesting and appealing. Sorry, no pictures of this addition.

Bob Engle

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Kevin, Larry, and Bob, my 1920 K-46 has a factory installed glass visor over the front of the windshield top section. I have original sales brochures that show the glass visor on all of the closed body models. There is no visor shown in the illustrations of the open models because the top is laid back on these. I am going to try again to post some photos. I tried earlier and had no luck in getting the photos to post. I had luck getting one photo to post. I do not know what is going on here.

Terry Wiegand

South Hutchinson, Kansaspost-56463-143143075045_thumb.jpg

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