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For you Amphicar Fans!

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I sold them a couple of them about a year ago. If you saw the Amphicar on "Fast and Loud" this is where it went as well. They were restored and customized in Minnesota. They have more than 9 of them, maintained by Disney on site. The ADA car (appropriately enough for those who know me) was one of mine. It was the last of 4 cars from the movie with Ted Dansen called "Pontiac Moon". They did some modifications to them for drivability that are fantastic!

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I posted what is probably the most original Amphicar still around here: http://forum.studebakerdriversclub.com/showthread.php?30936-Another-Amphicar&highlight=amphicar


I was thinking you had found my friends Amphi-Baker. It's a custom Amphicar with a Studebaker bullet nose. He calls it "Finzilla" But I think you meant the Spyder? (in your link) I only saw one Amphicar in that thread. Unless you are saying any amphibious car is an Amphicar. "Amphicar" is the brand not the style. Using "Amphicar" as a generic is like saying Ford when you mean car. (just clarifying).

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Sorry if I mislead you (and possibly others). I am referring to the 1964 Amphicar in post #13 of that thread.

I know full well Amphicar is a standalone German marque. Craig

Not a problem at all, just clarifying.

That is a fine example of a well preserved Amphicar to be sure. It's been there for quite a few years. I would get a photo of it above the stairs at least 3x a year when I was President/Webmaster for the Amphicar club.

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