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How to tow 20s Cabriolet


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I am about to buy a 1920s Cabriolet...it has been in a barn since 1965 but appears to be very complete.

My question involves how to tow it home...I don't have an enclosed trailer and need to travel about 2 hours home with it.

I am concerned with the cabriolet fabric top...there are no windows...so...will the wind create a problem with fragile stitching?

Should I mount it on the trailer forwards...or backwards?

Please, please excuse me if this post sounds stupid...but I honestly need to know if it is safe to tow on a flatbed instead of an enclosed trailer.

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at the very least, fold down the top, and if reasonable, you could remove and protect the windshield. I did this to protect the 1927 Chevy roadster when using an open trailer to tow back from Yellowstone Park to New Orleans after the 1994 VCCA 4-cylinder Chevy tour of Yellowstone Park. This protected the windshield and top, and also reduced wind resistance. It might not be as important if you are only towing 2 hours, but we had a multi-day trip.

If you could rent or borrow an enclosed trailer you would be better off - even ask a friend in your local club....

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Boat places wrap boats for storage all the time, they could probably wrap a car just as easily.

A car cover or tarp can rub, flap and wear paint or do other damage. Likewise ropes or straps.

If it's not too far you could avoid the interstate, take your time and don't go over 50. So what if it takes an extra hour if it saves damaging the car.

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Agreed, tow it the same direction you'd drive it. The back of a convertible top is not designed to withstand 60 mph wind.

The wrap is OK, I guess, but enclosed is so much better, if you can borrow such a trailer. I've had two cars leave my house wrapped, one a 1902 Oldsmobile on an open trailer (hated to see it go, hated more to see it go in such a way that anything that fell off would be lost), and a '33 Chrysler that I'd just put a top on....yikes...

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Guest my3buicks

The shrink wrap will do the job nicely, he isn't asking how to get a show winning car home but one found in a barn - pull the wrap good and tight and it will do everything you need it to do - finish with some duct tape as shown just to secure. That shrink wrap is almost indestructible when pulled good and tight.

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